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Find out if you’re eligible to be a CDS consumer or attendant—and why you should switch to Integrity if you already have a provider!


What is Consumer Directed Services (CDS)?

Consumer Directed Services (CDS) is Missouri’s Medicaid-backed program designed to help individuals experiencing disabilities receive the services they need from an attendant to safely live at home. People often get to a point in their life where they are no longer able to take care of themselves. This can be due to aging, a serious accident, disabilities, or chronic illness. When this happens, people often end up moving into a facility in order to receive the care they need. However, CDS provides the option of receiving personal care at home from a personal care aide of their choice.

The goal of CDS is to allow people with physical disabilities to maximize their independence and autonomy by providing them with greater choice and control over their personal care. CDS officially became a program in Missouri in 2005, but consumer-directed services has a much longer history.


Who is a consumer?

A Consumer is a person who receives Medicaid benefits with qualifying disabilities who needs assistance around the house to live at home safely.


Who is an attendant?

An attendant is the friend or family member who provides care for the consumer.


What is a CDS provider?

Among its 20-plus years in the home health care industry, Integrity has spent over a decade as a CDS provider, using our expertise to give best in class support to consumers and attendants in Missouri.



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Who is a Consumer?

Get the support you need from the person you choose

What’s better than getting essential care and support from home? Being able to pay a family member or friend to provide support as an attendant at no cost to you. Through the CDS program, you can choose a qualified friend or family member to be an attendant who works as your caregiver. They will receive pay funded by Medicaid, but Integrity will handle all the payroll, taxes, care management, training, and more.

Don’t have anyone in mind to be your attendant? Don’t worry, we can help you find the right match for your needs and lifestyle.

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Who is an Attendant?

Get paid to provide caring support to someone you know

Are you one of America's 46.5 million unpaid caregivers? While you may already be providing personal care and household assistance to a friend or loved one, now you can be paid for it! Attendants are paid by providers like Integrity through Missouri’s Medicaid-funded CDS program. Our pay rates are among the highest in the industry.

No formal training? No worries, we’ll provide training and continued case management. Our knowledgeable and caring office team will support you every step of the way.

Don’t have a consumer? We can match you with one!

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Switch to Integrity: better pay for attendants and worry-free support for consumers!

Whether you’re a consumer or attendant, you’ll love the benefits and support you get with Integrity as your CDS provider.

Integrity believes there’s no place like home for healing, recovering, and nurturing. With our extensive home care experience, consumers enjoy client services designed to advocate on your behalf and address your needs.

No other Missouri provider matches our combination of training and support services created to help attendants thrive in your role. Plus, if you’ve worked with Integrity before, we’d love to welcome you back with one of the industry’s highest pay rates.

Consumer Directed Services Made Easy by Integrity

  • Fully staffed local offices
  • Trainings for attendants
  • Consumer advocates
  • Tax law experts
  • Hands-on case management
  • Active pay portal
  • More than 12 years of CDS experience


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